Monday, November 24, 2008

Roof is shingled and the siding is on

This is before.

This is the after.Just wanted to share whats going on with the house now. They have most of the siding on. The front isn't finished but this gives you an idea of the color we went with. This is the sliding glass door off the back .We are planning on building a deck,possibly next spring.The next step is the electrician and plumber. There sure is alot of work in building a house and of course nothing is moving fast enough.How come when you aren't waiting on something time flies? Well I hope everyone has a great holiday and a fantastic Monday.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calendar Journal

Well I have taken up a new hobby. I friend of mine makes these journals and I thought they were the neatest idea. This is my first one,can't you tell?LOL!. They are very easy to do and not very time consuming. I also posted a picture of the November one I got started on. The first one,I glued pictures and stickers and cut things out of magazines as I was going along all month. I think I will wait til closer to the end of the month to decorate it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Oh forgot to post this after Halloween.This is my niece dressed up as a hobo. My sister took a wig and spray painted it black to look dirty.Love the idea of the sign.

My DH says I am the messiest cook.!

Kinda feeling icky today. Don't have much energy but did muster up enough to bake some cookies,chocolate chip/peanut butter. Take a looksy. Look pretty good,HUH? I think the crazy weekend has caught up with me. Hope I am feeling better tomorrow,have to work next three days. It's such a beautiful day and I am inside baking. Oh well,when I get those craving for something sweet times,I have to have it.This must be one of those times.