Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been a long time!

A very long time LOL! Wow where has the time gone? Last post in August? HMM what have I been up to you ask? Life!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. Great food, great company and a few laughs.
My Dh and I took our yearly trip to St Charles MO this past weekend. It was so beautiful there. Really gets you in the Christmas spirit.
I have been busy making cards for Christmas and getting ready for the big holiday, as I am sure all of you are. The house is decorated, the trees are trimmed and the wallet is empty LOL!
Seems everything is so much more expensive this year. Even with sales everything seems to be ten to twenty dollars more.
Going to leave you with a couple pictures of the the decorations and a wish that you are all having a joyous holiday season!
The first picture is my new Santa that I purchased on the trip. Purchased this in a lil country store in Lebanon, IL called Simple Country Treasures. The owner is so sweet. She had opened up the back part of the store and moved her counter different from last year. So that meant more stuff, LOL. It's a beautiful store. I look forward to making this a destination every year. If you want to check it out go here.
Another Santa and prim decor
Cabinet in the dining room