Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been a long time!

A very long time LOL! Wow where has the time gone? Last post in August? HMM what have I been up to you ask? Life!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. Great food, great company and a few laughs.
My Dh and I took our yearly trip to St Charles MO this past weekend. It was so beautiful there. Really gets you in the Christmas spirit.
I have been busy making cards for Christmas and getting ready for the big holiday, as I am sure all of you are. The house is decorated, the trees are trimmed and the wallet is empty LOL!
Seems everything is so much more expensive this year. Even with sales everything seems to be ten to twenty dollars more.
Going to leave you with a couple pictures of the the decorations and a wish that you are all having a joyous holiday season!
The first picture is my new Santa that I purchased on the trip. Purchased this in a lil country store in Lebanon, IL called Simple Country Treasures. The owner is so sweet. She had opened up the back part of the store and moved her counter different from last year. So that meant more stuff, LOL. It's a beautiful store. I look forward to making this a destination every year. If you want to check it out go here.
Another Santa and prim decor
Cabinet in the dining room

Monday, August 9, 2010

New blog,video & my new red door

Hey there everyone! Just a short post on what I have been up to. Yep you did see the post title right. I started another blog. So go on over and check it out when you have time and if you are interested in my blog, I would luv for you to follow. There's a button on the side bar------>
I also wanted to share with you what we did to the front door. I love red doors and think it makes the front of the house look so welcoming. Here are the before and after pics. I think it looks awesome. It turned out great. Yesterday I was out on the front porch and noticed there was a hummingbird that was very active. So seeing how I had all this free time on my hands, I thought why not try and make a video. So here it is. Sorry for the shaking. I was doing this with my camera and I must have had a weeee bit too much coffee LOL! Enjoy!

That's it for today. Need to get moving and get something done. Not really in the mood to do anything on my list. Kind of a dreary cloudy day but very warm. High humidity and temps yuck! but I would take it over below zero and snow any day.Have a great day! TTYS :D Sherri

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know that I am still here.
I have no excuses as far as why I haven't posted. I guess I just haven't had anything interesting to say. We have been busy here at the homefront. Summer always goes so fast.
As far as the house, we havent really done anything lately. We did buy paint to paint the front door but it's been too darn hot to paint it. As soon as we get it painted I will post pics.
The flowers are really filling in this year and looking beautiful.
I have also been busy making cards. Here are a few that I have made.The first card was made using Lizzieanne patterened paper. I luv there paper designs. I lifted the card design from ummmm omg I cant remember. I will find out and post it. The last card I ran thru my cuttlebug embosser using the divine swirls folder.

Since my last post we have had a couple holidays some summer fun and some crafting. Most of all I have been enjoying the summer and the time to be outside(when it's not 90 and humid LOL). Before long we wont be able to get out and enjoy the warm weather so I try and take advantage when I can. Sitting on my porch with a glass of ice tea and reading up on some of my magazines is so relaxing.One of my very favorite things to do. Well better get back to my To Do List for today. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer and hopefully it wont be another 4 months before I post again. Have a great day!


Monday, March 15, 2010

New Craft

Hello everyone! Just wanted to post and say Hi and update you on what I have been doing lately. Recently I started a new craft hobby. I know I know, like I don't have enough craft projects to do but this is very near and dear to my heart, my family and kids pictures. You see, after the fire, I realized that these are the only link back to our past that we have. That terrible day of the fire, I had a firemen ask if there was anything I wanted out of the house and of course the only things that I really wanted were my pictures. These are really the only things that can bring you back to those first birthdays, school plays and family gatherings that mean so much. The nice firemen went in and saved most of them. I was thrilled when he came out with the albums that my dear daughter had put together for me a couple years earlier for Christmas.I balled and balled. I couldn't believe he went in and saved them for me. After that, I realized that it was so important to save these precious memories. Not just for future step back in time moments but to pass down to my kids and they can share them with their kids. That's the reason I felt it was so important to start scrap booking. I know I have so many craft hobbies but none that are as important as this. So with that being said, I want to share three layouts that I did over the weekend. I went to a SB retreat for 2 1/2 days this past weekend and had so much fun. It was just so relaxing to just put your mind away from the everyday chores and cooking and cleaning and just sit there and concentrate on scrap booking. I also got to spend time with my beautiful sister. We always have so much fun .
This first layout is a Christmas one of my daughter and oldest son.Now be nice, don't forget that I just started scrap booking a few months ago, LOL!
The second one is of my DD. She lives in Texas and these are the new boots that I got her for Christmas one year.
The third layout is my DD at her Senior year prom. She looked so pretty with her lavender dress. I still have to do some journaling on this one.
That's just a few that I have done. I still have allot to learn but I am having so much fun.
I hope everyone is doing well. I also want to thank everyone for following me and being interested in what's going on in my life.
Well that's it for today. I need to get back to laundry and cleaning, YUCK!
Have a great day everyone!
Until next time,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fabric covered books and a lil Spring

I hope every ones week is going well. Just wanted to share my project for this Wednesday. I have been wanting to make some of these fabric covered books. Over the weekend, I went to an antique shop and picked up these books and thought they would make great craft projects. Besides they were next to nothing for the price and couldn't pass that up. I used Chars tutorial over at The only thing different that I did was left off the pocket because I wanted to display these closed.
Here they are after I finished covering them. I used blue fabrics that have been coffee stained to give them a very prim look.
Here they are after I wrapped them in cheesecloth. Think I might get some of those hang tags that are stained to hang on the cheesecloth just to add a little more interest...... and here they are displayed in my dry sink.
Thanks Char for another great tutorial. I have also been doing some spring decorating around the house this week. I took my snowmen down a couple of weeks ago and everything looked so bare. I know it's a little early but nothing wrong with making it feel like spring in the house. Especially since it's been so cold and yucky outside. It kind of lifts the ole spirit to see new things. So go ahead and pull out the bunnies and flowers. Put a little spring in your life.Oh BTW, another project this week are the eggs you see in the picture. I just used paper mache eggs from Hobby Lobby and painted them and stained them to make them look old.
Well I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and week.
Until next time,


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and the winner is....

Kim at theprim schoolmarm. Kim I tried to email you and it was sent back to me. Get in touch with me and I will send out your magazines ASAP. Just go to my profile to get my address.Thanks to everyone that follows my blog and for all the nice comments. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MY CS magazine giveaway

Hello everybody. I have been cleaning and organizing for the past few days. As I was cleaning out my magazine baskets, I came across two of each of these Country Sampler magazines. Why you asked? maybe I got too impatient while I was waiting for my subscriptions to come in the mail but I can't believe I would do that hehehe! Anyway, one is the July 2008 issue and the other is the May 2009 issue. I really do not need both so I am going to send these out to one of my faithful followers. I also wanted to point out that the May issue is the one that Karen from is featured in.
There are four criteria for this giveaway.
1. Please leave me a message on this post stating why you would like these issues.
2. You also need to be one of my followers before this post.
3. I would also like the winner to have their own blog.
4. If you already have these issues, please give someone else a chance.
That's it. The drawing cut off is January 31st. I will draw the name February 1st.
Good luck!
Until next time,