Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As if I didnt-

have enough to do,I took up another hobby,beading. My 10 year old niece has been making jewelry. So when we went shopping over the weekend she helped me pick out beads, wire and tools to get started.By the time I bought everything I could have bought 2 bracelets that were already made.I guess that would be defeating the purpose,the thrill of seeing what you can make and watching it come together.I have to admit,it is pretty fun.So fun,that when I went to WalMart yesterday,I had to check out the bead section. UhOh, this is going to be addicting. We had a beading party Sunday night.My niece Allyson made the bracelet with the red beads and I made the bracelet with the blue beads. The trickiest part is getting the bracelet at the right length to fit your wrist.I think I will try making earrings next. Of course I will have to go on a all new shopping trip to buy the things I need to make those.Any excuse to shop!

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