Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beginning of our new house

Well finally took pictures of the new house.Well not a house yet but this is the beginning. This is the foundation and you can see how it's going to lay out. The first picture is looking at it from the back yard.Yes that is our existing garage.We have to put on a new roof cuz it's a different pitch.There will be a master bedroom and bath behind the garage. On the other side of the master will be the great room connecting to the kitchen. The second picture is looking from the side where three bedrooms and one bath will be. Well two regular sized bedrooms and one smaller that we are going to use as an office/guest room. The third picture is looking at the front of the house.The kitchen will be to the front on the right and a bedroom will be on the left.The kitchen will have an eat in bar with a great room that opens up to it.There will also be a small half bath coming into the house from the garage.There will also be a long narrow porch on the front.The fourth picture just shows where the house will be sitting from the garage.The garage will be out alot further than the house.The house sits back in the lot more than our other house did.There will be no basement.All one level,yippee!Well that's all I can think of now.I will post more as it goes up.

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Linda said...

Now see - that is something to post about!! It must be rewarding to see it going up!! Do you have a projected finish date?