Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My "babies" HS Graduation

Yes,I know, If he knew I was calling him my baby he would kill me.Yes, he is our last one.It's hard to believe that he is 18 and going to college this fall.It seems like yesterday that I was laying in the bed with my feet up to keep from giving birth 6 weeks early. How time flies. Even more shocking is thinking that we are old enough to be empty nesters,arghhh! We have spent the last 26 years raising our kids.I guess I should look at it as our time now until the grandchildren start coming(can't wait).
This picture is of Justin and his buddies.He's the one with the aviators.Our oldest son,Kyle is the one in the blue shirt and hat directly behind him.I didn't even realize I had gotten him in the picture.

Here he is walking down the aisle to get his diploma with his good friend,Ed. Justin is the one on the left.

Well that's it for now.Didn't want to bore you too much. I am off today to get things for his graduation party this weekend.Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend and I will be talking to ya soon,Have a great day!