Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new finds

Good morning everyone! This past weekend my DH and I headed off to the Third Sunday Market.Now if there is anyone out there that is from central Illinois,you will know it was a terrible day weather wise.It rained and was very humid.Needless to say I wasn't really in the mood to shop.I know,I know it's hard to believe I wasn't in the mood to shop.Anyway, I did happen to find this ivory color antique sugar bucket and it was exactly the size I needed to almost finish off my collection.I also found this wreath with the bird for my front porch.I will probably replace my americana wreath that's on the door after the fourth.After we left the market we had some time to kill before meeting the family for dinner at Cracker Barrel.So seeing how we had all this time on our hands, I figured why not go to Country Gingham?One of my most favorite places to shop and it was air conditioned!Well I didn't buy a whole lot there either which is really hard to believe.I did find this little colonial mirror and hung it above my antique high chair in the entry.Well I better get off of here for now it's my day off and have lots to get done.Everyone have a great day,Until next time!:0)


Kris said...

Looks like you found some great goodies! Love the wreath!

Take care,

Jody said...

Love the collection of buckets! Those are so hard to come by around here, so of course I love yours!
That colonial mirror is just too cute too....great finds!

TeresaM said...

That is a really cute mirror! I love the old mirrors and all your firkins!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the mirror and so glad you could find a firkin to help with your collection of them, neat wreat too!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

LOVE the firkin and mirror. Perfect in your new home.

Your feelings about your old home seem so natural - a year is not that long and look how much had to happen in that year. I can't imagine the range of emotions you have had to go through Sherri. I hope in time the new house really feels like home and the old house only has good memories and there is less grief.

Many hugs!!

Janene said...

So glad I stopped in. I love that ivory firkin...what a great find!
I am now off to read more.
Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

Sherri, I love your finds. I went to the Third Sunday Market last year and have wanted to go again but haven't made it yet. I did mention it to DH that we were missing it on Sunday. It broke his heart! Where is Country Gingham? Is that a shop in Bloomington? We really have had some hot days but it has certainly been nice the last few. I'm sure it will heat up again soon.