Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are back

Hi all my blogging friends.Just wanted to let everybody know we are back safe and sound from our lil mini vacation to Wisconsin. We went up there for the weekend and did some camping and river tubing.It was the first year we were able to go and we had a great time.I didn't really want to come home.Well maybe to shower cuz I was getting a lil ripe.I love camping but that part of it I don't like.

Here is a picture of my DH(Steve),our friend Duey(Mike) his wife Uli,what a sweetheart and our friend Scott.Mike and Steve were friends in high school.I just luv this picture.Uli looks so little,which she is,but when she is standing with the guys,she looks like she was being invaded by the three giants.Here is just one group on the river.There were about 50 of us.It really was a kewl site to see all of us floating down the river.
Well I probly wont be posting much this week.I have to work everyday except Friday.I will check in and see what all my blogging buddies are doing though.Everyone have a great week,Until next time!Sherri


Kindra said...

Camping and the river looks fun! I have fun doing the outdoor thing but the porta potties and no showers get to me. :)

marie said...

Hi Sherri,
Thanks so much for visiting me and for becoming a follower! Isn't Char's blog the best! She shares so much great info.

So where in Wisconsin did you go? I lived there for about eight years and I loved it it. We were just outside of Milwaukee.

Love your blog header by the way!

This Country Girl said...

Floating down the river looks like so much fun! I can only do camping in a camper...the tent thing and me don't mix! lol!

Have a great week!