Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dining room pics

Hello everyone! It's a rainy stormy day here in central Illinois, a perfect day to take some pics and post on my blog. I have been doing some tweaking and wanted to share some dining room pics.
This quilt shelf doesn't look right to me.I don't know but I think I have too much on it.It feels cluttered. Anyone have any suggestions?
This is my favorite piece,my big green cupboard with all my treenware and Maple city pottery and of course Lisa's prim sign that I luv.
Here's a view of everything together.
I am off to the dentist later to start my braces.I am so excited to finally get my teeth fixed.I know it's going to take awhile. I will have them on for 2 to 2 1/2 years but it will definately be worth it. I asked the dr if he could speed it up cuz I aint no spring chicken anymore,LOL! Anyway I will keep you posted on the braces progress and more pics of the house when I feel it's picture worthy.I wanted to show pics of the drysink,quilt area but don't feel it's quite ready.
Until next time,


Carmen C. said...

Hi Sherri~ your home looks so cozy for a dark rainy day:) Good luck with the braces and have a great day!

Kris said...

Your dining room looks great, Sherri! Very nice!
Good luck getting your braces!!

Take care,

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I think everything looks great! I love your cupboard and your dining chairs and table! You have everything decorated and arranged great!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Enjoyed the pics! you have some really nice pieces!

Lisa said...

I actually think everything looks great. You have some beautiful pieces that is for sure. if you think the shelf is too busy then perhaps just take everything off and start over. I sometimes end up doing that too and often get out more totes full of prim goodies and check to see if there is something else I can use instead.

Oh yes...braces!! I had to wear my braces for a little over 5 years and it wasn't fun, but definitely worth it in the end. I love my smile now and I can definitely show it off. My parents are always telling me that I have a very expensive mouth and smile (lol).


girliegirl said...


I like your shelf and cupboard. Your dining room is very nice. My only suggestion with your shelf looking cluttered is to maybe just put 3-5 larger scale items on it. You may like it better that way.


basketsnprims said...

I love your dining room ~ very warm & inviting. Good luck with the braces.

Kat said...

Your dining room is absolutely stunning!!!!! I love Everything about it! Good luck with your braces today! I'll be getting them back on my bottom teeth soon. I had them as a child and then made them remove my permenant retainer later in life. Bad move. Oh well... I'm figuring the braces will just make me look younger. ;) Kat