Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My new pinkeep

Hi again everyone. It's been a busy day.My two friends came to visit and see the house.When I answered the door,here they were with a beautiful hanging flower basket for me. We sat and chatted and had coffee and coffeecake.It was so nice.They are two great ladies.Then,I was off to get some grocery shopping and errands ran.It ,of course,started pouring rain,so I made my little excursion short.My hair and rain don't mix too well.If you could see me now,LOL!I also heard that we are suppose to have rain thru Friday.At this rate,we might get the landscaping done,ooooooh by JULY!Anyway,now to the reason for my post.My awesome little pinkeep from Teresa at http://www.ezshoppes.com/shoppe/?sid=teresasprimitivetreasures came in the mail today.Thanks so much Teresa.I absolutely luv it. It looks so cute in my laundry room cubby shelf.
Well I have to cut it short again.Need to get some paper work done today.Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


Christine said...

Hi Sherri! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and follow.
The whole thing is a bit of fun and all new to me but I have really enjoyed following great blogs like yours that I'd thought I'd share too.
The more the merrier, right?
Glad you enjoyed the coffee cake! Sounds delicious! Best wishes, Christine

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That is adorable! It looks like the style I have made using jar covers - I like it in the zinc lid!!

TeresaM said...

Okay! I found your blog!!! The pinkeep looks great on your shelf!